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Market Resilience

Building confidence in the #realestate market in #Lebanon during the current crisis may be challenging, but there are steps that can be taken and historical trends that can be considered.

One possible approach is to highlight the resilience of the market in the past, such as during the 2006 Israeli war and the 2008 global financial collapse. According to a report by the #Central Bank of Lebanon, the real estate sector in Lebanon demonstrated "remarkable resilience" during the 2006 war, with prices remaining stable and even increasing in some areas. Similarly, during the 2008 global financial crisis, the Lebanese real estate market did not experience the same level of decline as other markets around the world.

Despite the current economic crisis, the Lebanese real estate market has shown in the past that it can weather difficult times. #Hayek Group believes that with the right investments and #government support, the market can recover and continue to be a strong contributor to the Lebanese #economy and we expect to see steady growth in the coming years.

It's important to also note that, the real estate market in Lebanon is affected by a lot of factors, and the current crisis caused by the #COVID-19 pandemic, political instability, economic crisis, and the devaluation of the Lebanese currency, which makes it difficult to predict the future of the market. However, we believe that the market has the potential to recover in the long term with the right policies in place.

By Abdallah Hayek P.E
CEO of Hayek Group
Jan 16 2023

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