Construction Management

As your construction manager, Hayek Group will assist you throughout the entirety of the design and construction phase of your project. Hayek Group will take care of every detail to make sure construction goes smoothly: coordinating with architects to optimize project costs, working to maintain project schedule, processing pay applications, and expediting owner occupancy in compliance with local authorities. We offer the following services for the design and construction phases of your project:
Pre-Design / Concept Phase
Program Needs Assessment
Program Budget Confirmation
Cash Flow Projection
Community Attitude Survey
Dialogue Meetings and Bond Campaign
Bid Phase
Bid Packaging
Bid Document Preparation
Bid Solicitation
Bid Review / Recommendation
Contract Preparation
Design Phase
Value Engineering
Constructability Review
Program Compliance Review
Utility Company Coordination
Permit Process Management
Construction Phase
Complete Contract Administration
Contractor Coordination
 Quality Control
Cost Reporting
Post-Construction / Project Close Out
Final Inspections / Occupancy Permit
Owner Move-In Coordination
Staff Training Coordination
Punchlist Completion
Contract Closeout
Facility Assessments
It is necessary to evaluate the condition and life expectancy of existing facilities. Whether it is to determine the conditions of sale, or the value of the facility for future renovations or additions, Hayek Group is here to help!

Owner's Representation  

Generally, there are three elements in executing a construction project – whatever the method of project delivery:
Contract administration
Construction coordination
Project controls
Hayek Group’s services include all three of these elements.
The Owner’s Rep services solely involve project controls. It involves supervising construction activities and reporting back to the owner with project updates. This requires one person on the project site, full-time or part-time. A Construction Manager needs one or two other support staff to process all of the construction administration and coordination tasks.
Our Owner’s Rep services could be of interest to you if :
You have decided to use the General Contractor or Multiple Prime Contractor method and you want a person on site to act as your “eyes and ears.”
You want an experienced construction professional to manage the construction of your facility.

Value Engineering

If the facility budget is not met, Hayek Group will propose value engineering (VE) alternatives.
VE is the systematic analysis and exploration of different options to stay on budget or to save costs. The ultimate objective of VE is to preserve the look and function of the project, while finding financially efficient alternatives.
Although VE can allow clients to make substantial, it is much more than a simple cost-cutting exercise. When a VE session is conducted, we will evaluate, at least, first cost, schedule impacts, constructability issues, and life-cycle costs including capital, operating, maintenance, energy systems, financing, ownership structure, and tax laws. The exercise may result in increased first costs; however, the overall impact will minimize the total life-cycle costs during the functional life of the facility.
Systems analysis is at the center of the overall VE effort. Typical systems include site work, foundations, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and exterior enclosure. During the systems review, we will make recommendations, which focus on construction feasibility, availability of materials/labor, installation time, associated costs/economies, and the impact on other building components.
For each project, a VE team will be established including the Owner, Architect/Engineer, and the Construction Manager. Hayek Group’s experience with VE has shown that the best results occur during the Design Development phase. The team meets at pre-determined intervals to identify alternative materials, methods of construction, and issues affecting the schedule and operations.
Each item is evaluated and either accepted or rejected depending on the total impact on cost, function, program, schedule, and overall needs.

Cost Estimating

As an independent service, we provide in-house architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology cost estimations to Owners and architectural groups. This eliminates any perceived conflict of interest between the project team and any future bidders. Our first-hand knowledge in construction also allows the smooth running of the value engineering process.
Accurate and well-defined cost estimates are critical to any project’s success. Hayek Group’s estimators provide accurate construction cost estimates from the initial programming phase to the more developed design and construction phases. Our cost estimating procedures are designed to ensure that each element of the project is well defined and accounted for in the estimate format.
Our cost estimating efforts begin with the Program Level estimates. These estimates serve as our “Cost Models” for the project, and will be updated to include the additional information and details added to the Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Documents. We work with the Architect and the Owner throughout the design phase to ensure design components align with available funds. Our final cost estimate, prior to bidding, is used to evaluate the competitive bids received for the various elements of work. This continuous estimating process works to avoid bid day disappointment, and insures that the project is within budget.
Architectural / Civil / Structural Cost Estimating
Hayek Group will work with the Architect to establish appropriate bid alternatives to maximize the design features included in each project while making sure additional costs are within budget. We account for site development, utilities, structural systems, exterior envelope systems, finish systems such as floors and doors, and equipment specialties. We prefer to develop the project estimate in “Building Component Format,” i.e. foundations, structure, exterior walls, finish trades, etc., which facilitates making comparisons and developing alternative solutions. This “monitorable” format allows us to have an audit trail from the initial estimate to the project’s completion.
Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Cost Estimating
Our team also has a thorough understanding of the M/E/P systems common to various facilities and will work with the engineers to evaluate different systems and cost models. All estimates are developed in a material and labor format, which enables Hayek Group and the Owner to perform comprehensive bid evaluations and to change order reviews.


Design Phase Schedule
The schedule, created in-house using the most up-to-date scheduling software, is monitored throughout the design phase to ensure that critical decision and design milestones are met. Progress is discussed at each team meeting and alterations to the schedule are made if major changes in scope occur, or if tasks are not completed as originally planned. In considering the schedule, several different elements are reviewed with respect to their impact on the sequence of construction, fabrication and delivery schedules, and the anticipated influence of weather during construction.
Using the project schedule and budget, Hayek Group can establish a preliminary cash flow projection of the required project funds. These costs are the Construction Manager (CM) fee, Architect fee, and estimates of construction labor and materials. This cost is dispersed over the scheduled project period. The Owner will then have a plan for monthly project expenditures.
Construction Phase Schedule
As the design continues to develop, so does the detailed master construction schedule. This schedule, which highlights activity periods for major subcontracts and material deliveries, may be included in the bid documents as a guide to the Contractors when establishing their proposals.
With the Owner’s input, we will prepare the construction schedule and monitor daily construction progress and procedures established by the Contractors and make recommendations as required maintaining or improving construction progress.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. It typically uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase building design and construction productivity. This process produces the Building Information Model, which encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components.
Hayek Group embraces BIM as one of its core practices in order to ensure the the highest return on investment for its clients over the entire lifetime of a facility, continuing to pay dividends long after the last milestone in design and construction phases have been completed.
BIM offers several key benefits:
1.      Improved visualization
2.      Improved productivity due to easy retrieval of information
3.      Increased coordination of construction documents
4.      Embedding and linking of vital information such as vendors for specific materials, location of details and quantities required for estimation and tendering
5.      Increased speed of delivery
6.      Reduced costs


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