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KLEOS: Luxury Living in the Golden Zone of Achrafieh


KLEOS, a new residential tower in the heart of #Achrafieh, #Beirut, is a project that brings together the expertise of #Springsfield Development, #Hayek Group, and #Mena City Lawyers. This consortium has come together to create a unique and innovative living experience in one of the most sought-after areas of the #Capital.

With a built-up area over 15,000 m2 across two towers, A and B, #KLEOSoffers residents the highest quality specifications and finishes. The location of the towers, next to the popular #ABC mall, puts residents in the middle of the city's #Golden_Zone, with easy access to some of the best #shopping, #dining, #health care, #education and #entertainment options in Beirut.

One of the key features of the project is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The towers have been designed to meet green standards and energy efficiency, making them not only good for the #environment but also helping to lower the cost of living for residents. Additionally, #KLEOSis the first project in #Lebanon to adapt #touchless technology, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents against #Pandemics.

The launch of projects like #KLEOS is crucial for the property market in Lebanon, as it helps to retain credibility and stability and momentum. The country's economy has been struggling in recent years, and investment in new residential developments is vital for the market to improve. Additionally, the high demand for gated quality housing in Beirut means that there is a strong market for projects like #KLEOS.

Investors and potential residents can be confident in the success of the project. The track record of the consortium partners, #Springsfield Development, #Hayek Group and #Mena City Lawyers, and their experience in the industry, is a strong indicator of the project's potential success. The project's innovative design, prime location, and commitment to sustainability, also make it a compelling investment opportunity.

#Hayek Group is proud to be the managing partner in the development of #KLEOS, carrying on its shoulders 41 years of experience in the construction and property development industry, the company brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the project. Despite the current economic challenges in Lebanon, #Hayek Groupis committed to the success of the project, and sees it as an opportunity to fill the gap in the market for luxurious, small units at an affordable cost.

Leading the development of the project,#Hayek Groupacting as project manager, will be on the field, working with a team of professional engineers to ensure the best performance and quality compliance. #Hayek Grouphas a deep understanding of the project construction specifics, and is dedicated to delivering on time a high-quality product that meets the needs of residents and partners.

#Hayek Group's commitment to the project is a testament to their trust in the property market in #Lebanon. The company believes that, despite the current challenges, there is still a strong demand for Quality housing in #Achrafieh, and that projects like #KLEOS can help to drive the market forward.

Abdallah Hayek P.E


Hayek Group

Jan 17, 2023

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