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VIP… IS ALL YOU CAN BE - March 2012

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building.jpgA troubled world has landed on the region’s shores with security, financial and political turmoil ebbing and surging unpredictably in what is known as the Arab Spring. Democratic movements in Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia, and Syria are coming in waves, making a stand against monism, but it looks like reaping the results of these people uprisings won’t surface any time soon. Until the old balances with the new, rifts have to be mended, investor confidence has to be appeased, capital prevented from flying, and promised reforms met, be it economic or real estate related.

Ready Already

Pluralism, on the other hand, has been a core practice in Lebanon, setting the Only Democratic example in the region as a whole, leaving the country having only to balance opportunity with abundant liquidity, confidence with initiative and momentum with stability. Signs of a most promising 2012 spring are present all around, but we’d like to post some of our very own.

Property VIP

The free VIP Property Investment Club membership is an exclusive affiliate association where Small and Medium Investors (SMIs) can enjoy premier privileges provided they meet minimal capital requirements of around $1 million and above and Hayek Group ’s (HG) board approval. Benefit from safe haven real estate investment strategies and take advantage of numerous privileges including free appraisals, aggressive sales, minimum 22% IRR and “0” commissions, on a case by case basis.

Hot Deals Data bank

Access the most polished and hottest real estate deals in Lebanon, which are unpublished, confidential and for members’ eyes only.   HG will transact business with members, including feasibility study and investment briefing, on a case by case basis, with enough of it to meet every budget and requirement. 

Auctions Mania

Turn property distress into your personal platform for success. Members will get details of every attractive property auction, be it an apartment, land, office, or building, which is being auctioned by a liquidating court foreclosure. Become the new owner of squeaky clean investments.

Short-Notice Opportunities

Get your choice of short notice and easy real estate pickings. Any time a bank is settling before foreclosing, a person is liquidating before travelling, or other situation requiring a quick exit, you will hear about it first.  But you’ve got to act fast because deals like this don’t last long.

Royal Sale Closing

Treating you like royalty in any of your real estate deals doesn’t mean you will be charged like one.  VIP members will benefit from best in class real estate services for premium returns on their investments, purchases or   property sales. 

Property Clinic

The doctor is in the house to fix whatever is wrong with your property’s health. It might be as a simple as an aspirin pill that will remove a nagging headache or as big as surgery to extract the source of ailment. If your property has issues, we analyze and recommend a therapy course.

Building Recipe’

You may have all the right ingredients to go ahead with a building project but lack an efficient, low-risk roadmap. With over 35 years’ experience, HG has cooked up some of the healthiest from-the-ground-up recipes dedicated for sound building construction.


Two Tasty Scoops for the Taking

Scoop A

Get in early on our residential property development in Broummana and benefit from no less than $700/m2 discount on $2000/m2 medium size dwellings in superb settings.  SMIs are invited to buy in these areas at the present promotion because once near or at completion, prices will exceed current rates. 17 out of 72 apartments have already been booked with “0” advertisement. Book your rates free, without any financial or purchase obligations. Once the building license is awarded to HG, pay a reservation fee and reach an agreement on a payment schedule. If your decision is made, put your 20% down payment and watch your property and investments come to life. 

Scoop B

HG has teamed up with Lebanon Property Group and Gulf Resources to create a real estate fund targeting small to medium sized apartment developments in Lebanon. The fund size shall be $15million and be closed-ended for a period of 5 years. It is expected that the fund shall invest in projects within Beirut and Mount Lebanon based on specific criteria, including the development of apartments sized between 130 m2 and 180 m2. The net Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the fund shall be 22%.    

Upcoming Issue: Open Letter to the Lebanese President

The Lebanese President, the highest authority on Lebanese soil, is in a position to listen to and act on investor concerns, challenges, suggestions and solutions to not only benefit and energize the neglected real estate sector in the country but also prevent it from heading into a crash.  “Dear Mr. President, the land is the issue at hand, and the solution lies in your hands. …To be continued…

Abdallah Hayek P.E
Hayek Group s.a.r.l
Beirut - March  2012

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